You have cheated. Now what?

First off I don’t like the word cheating since you never get away with the action on a diet, I prefer to say ‘indulging’ or ‘high carb meal’. Words do matter.

For some of us the holidays bring memories of indulgence and lack of restrain and although these are difficult habits to alter, we chose to make a change in our life and this is the annual test you NEED to pass! Whenever fellow low carbers ask me if they can eat something they should know better for asking about I always answer,” you can eat whatever you want, you’re an adult.” and I get a dirty look, but, What I mean by this is, we chose low carb for life, if you choose to eat high carb foods expect to gain weight. It’s truly that simple.

In reality high carb meals are eaten and self esteem and guilt follow, often by more high carb meals and guilt. I have had a painful history of this and have in the past spiraled out of control only to find myself in a place I didn’t want to be, on the scale seeing a tremendous gain.

QuestionI ate horribly for thanksgiving, I feel terrible, what now?

Answer – don’t beat yourself up, take a breath, think about what you ate and realize that it wasn’t worth it, low carb options could have replaced the high carb ones and next time you will not indulge. Drink some water, make an omelet and realize you are ok, you have a grasp on this and are dedicated to get back on track NOW. Not tomorrow or even tonight, but right now!

It is especially important to remain satisfied and have snacks during this period, water will help flush the high carb food out and snacks will help control your cravings. It will take about 3 days to get out of this rut and back into ketosis but it will be worth it.

Hope is not lost! You can do this!

PLEASE email me if you ever need some advice – we can even chat on the phone 🙂


2 thoughts on “You have cheated. Now what?”

    1. Awesome!

      Although I didn’t ‘indulge’ on Thanksgiving I really felt better after writing this. I feel I will get through the new year a lot easier knowing I am not alone 🙂

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