The weirdness is beginning!

I say weirdness but it’s the craving for things I don’t even like.  I like this part of induction – when your body switches over from a sugar laden starch munching machine to a carbohydrate hating machine while burning away inches and pounds.

I was starving tonight so I made by dear wife and I a messy beefy concoction – ground beef browned, onion powder, some garlic, handful of celery, green bell ‘peppas’ and some organic Hunts tomato sauce (lowest in carbs and no added nuthin’) and just let is simmer for like 30 minutes, topped with some shredded cheddar, some jalapenos (for me) and a small dollop of sour cream.  Needless to say we were STUFFED and the craving went away – it was a touch salty but I need some more water tonight anyway – I’ll try to post some pics of my food in the future.

all is well 🙂


– Marc

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