New Years Resolutions time! Low Carb Induction? Here are some tips

A new year is almost upon us and I have steadily been getting more and more readers as we approach the obligatory New Years Day resolution crowd.  Every year there are thousands of people who seek support are convinced that ‘This is the year I lose the weight’ and by February 1st traffic is back to normal for the rest of the year.  I was once one of these people and the problem I ALWAYS had was I set myself up for a fall.  It is kind of like Star Wars The Phantom Menace; Let me explain….

Darth Vader Chops

The Phantom Menace was released in 1996 after years and years of not only speculation but of a build up of a property that NO MOVIE could live up to, it was impossible.  Kind of like Godfather III or Big Top Pee Wee (both horrific in my opinion) but other sequals did exceptionally well and were actually amazing such as Godfather II or Back to the Future II.  What is the difference between the creation of these two sets of films?  Both had box office success from the first incarnation that supported them financially, they could afford the best equipment and they had the same and added great writers.  The problem was execution.  They didn’t think things out and take their time to create the same magic that existed for their previous creations.

Mark what the hell does this have to do with LOW CARB?!?!?!

Everything!  Instead of gathering the proper information they took shortcuts and added fluff, rushed scripts, rushed sets and basically bought their way out of being creative.  So if you feel buying a treadmill, stationary bike, etc will make you succeed, think again, they will only if you use them, but owning them alone doesn’t entitle you to free weight loss!  Again, I speak from experience as I own a stationary bike in my recording studio for 6 years and it made a great clothes hanger for 5 of those years, now it is being punished as I use it daily 🙂

If you are getting ready to begin for the first time or begin again after you fell off the path (and I know if can be a painful fall, been there) there are a few things that you must do MUST!

1 – Educate yourself!  OK, I can’t force you to spend $4 (ONE PENNY and $3.99 shipping) on a used copy of  Atkins New Diet Revolution but I can tell you to at least go to your local library and take it out and skim through the 23 pages that introduce and cover induction (YES TWENTY THREE PAGES) that will alter your life forever.  I think it’s worth it just to have it on your bookshelf.

2 – You don’t have to over-indulge to get it ‘out of your system’ – Don’t do something that will prevent you from having a clear mind on January 1st.  This is a sure fire way to stumble at the starting gate.  If you must indulge before you begin, be moderate about it, no reason to eat a Fudgie the Whale or a Wedding Cake because it’s your last hurrah. There will be delicious treats to be had, trust me.

3 – Don’t buy anything fake, except Rolex’s – I can’t believe people will pay $30,ooo for a watch, but on the topic of fake food…Stay away from Cheese Product, Sandwich spread (or any spread), Lite anything (they add sugar), Tofu and soy (guess what…it isn’t healthy for you!  read here) and deli meats.

4 – Oh, it has sugar in it and it’s only 1 gram of carbs?  Don’t eat it!  Sugar is sugar and this way of eating will only work to make you lose weight if you have 100% NO SUGAR  No Sugar alcohols, No Corn Syrup, No Molasses, No Honey  Grab some Stevia instead, it’s natural.

5 – Water – Water – Water – Water – Drink it every day, drink it when you wake up, before you go to bed – make sure to get at the very least 64 ounces of this clear wonderful fluid every day!  Thirsty, don’t drink soda, drink Water!!!

These are just some of the tips I will share as we approach 2012.  Personally, I live a wonderful Paleo / Low Carb lifestyle and that works nicely for me but I know plenty of people who choose one or the other, I just mixed the two (minus the fruit though).