I asked what everyone was making for dinner – the responses surprised me!

I chose to pick up a small beef roast and pop it into the slow cooker the other day – it came out incredible (It’s hard to screw up a slow cooker meal) and the whole family was happy.  yay!  So I asked the group, LCHF on Facebook what they were making – here are some of the results.  What surprised me was the amount of actual COOKING going on in the middle of the week (I posted on a Thursday)!

Filet Mignon topped with Mozzarella, 3 Fried Eggs and homemade Guacamole

FB_filetmignon, 3eggs, mozz, guac


Pepperoni, Bacon Pizza with Cauliflower crust (YES, you read that right!)



Wheat Belly Pizza


Ribs with an amazing looking dry rub!


Shrimp, Bacon and a Caesar salad

FB_Bacon, shrimp and Caesar


Pan Seared Chicken Thighs



Need advice! Forgot my lunch!

This morning I made a delicious egg white omelet with green peppers and some of my homemade jalepeno salsa for breakfast that was yummy, then, I made a salad that consisted of 2 cups of mixed lettuce greens, chopped chicken breast, my homemade caesar dressing (no egg but anchovies to die for), cucumber slices and a sprinkle of Romano cheese. yummy right? Wel, I left it in the fridge! I am really bummed because in Manhattan the food choices are mostly fast food or over priced. We have a Subway hero place and a Chinese food place, here is my question, how are the salads at Subway? They have chicken breast on veggies and oil vinegar but are there hidden carbs? As for Chinese any suggestions? I was thinking steamed veggies or chicken stiffer and ask for them to not add sauce. I am so annoyed! Your comments are appreciated.