Interview with Chris Bair from Keto Chow!


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It’s been quite some time since my last podcast episode and this new one is sure not to disappoint!  Chris Bair was kind enough to take the time to discuss his magnificent product, KetoChow and what is going on with KetoChow 2.0 (the newest version of his meal replacement Ketogenic shake, yes, you read that right!).  We discuss flavors that didn’t do as well as he thought they would, new possible flavors and even discuss BBQ.

Since January 1 2017 my wife and I have been doing strictly Keto eating but since my wife has such a demanding job she asked if I knew of a ‘shake’ that fits into this lifestyle….I didn’t expect what I found at and finally !  My wife ordered 2 weeks worth of KetoChow and not only is she amazed at her energy level but also at the rate of dropping weight.  Her current favorite is Chocolate Peanut Butter which has been described as many on Reddit as “a liquefied reeses” (yes please!)

Chris discusses where he came up with the current version of KetoChow in depth on his website , has even released the ingredients list and gives step by step instructions to make your own mixture on YouTube!  Yes, he has released his recipes to the public and are considered Open Source!

I can’t thank Chris enough for taking the time to chat with me….I love his product and hope he just keeps growing!  Give them a chance