Video support, discussion and more on Google+

hey all

I created a page on Google+ and if you don’t know what Google+ is, don’t worry, I’ll explain 🙂

Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook or MySpace.  It offers many of the same functions but also a lot more.  First off, many (if not most ) people have a Google Mail or GMail account which means, yup, you’re signed up already for Google+!  Rad!  If you don’t have a GMail account or don’t know how to get one, shoot me an email and I’ll send one of the handy invites I have.  With Google+ or G+ you can subscribe to other’s posts (which includes, images, video, comments, discussion, live chats, etc) in something called a ‘Circle’ like a circle of friends but the cool thing is how circles work.  Say you have some co-workers who you aren’t your FRIENDS but well, co-workers, you can create a circle called, Co-Workers and organize them into an easy to find category.  That way when you post photos of the baseball game you skipped work for you can omit this group 🙂  Personally I have circles of Chefs I like, Friends, Family, Recipe People, Diet People, Health People, Controversial Health People, and on and on.  I find this is a great way to learn what is going on with the people I follow and learn SO much.

I will be using Twitter, Facebook and Google+ from this point on and if you haven’t added me to your friends list, circle or twitter following please feel free to add me.  I would love to interact with you guys more and more.

BTW – G+ has a function called Hangouts which connect I think 12 people via webcam, I would love to set up a support group or chat about low carb in this manner, any takers?

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