2 Amazing LCHF groups and a very useful macro chart!

I stumbled across the Facebook group, LCHF – Low Carb High Fat the other day while looking for some inspiration for dinner that night.  What I found was something I haven’t seen since the 90’s…a group of passionate and friendly people completely focused on Low Carb (with a twist of High Fat). Throughout the 2000’s I felt as though the ‘scene’ became jaded and lost, it seemed more focused on finding the perfect snack bar instead of helping someone through induction.  Well, that aside, A woman named Beth posted the following graphic (click to enlarge and right-click to save)


BUT, after I posted this blog it came to my attention that the graphic was designed by Raymund Edwards who started the Facebook group Optimal Ketogenic Living. At 10,000+ members it is another LCHF/Ketogenic powerhouse of information! Optimal Ketogenic Living was described to me as THE place to find the science to back up the macros, find support and learn about fitness.  Do yourself a favor and head over there and join!  I did!

This chart will get you jump started into what your macro for LCHF should be!  A macro in case you don’t know is the breakdown of Carbs / Fat / Protein that you should consume to maintain or lose weight.  Look up your height and get started!

Another post that got me tonight was from a poster named Chris (please contact me if you would like to be linked to this story), he posted magical looking Scotch Eggs and said this was how he made them,

10906112_10205699596359349_777686677249568249_n  10906405_10205699621719983_7315806471695198674_n
Started the eggs in cold water over medium heat. Removed and chilled them after they boiled 4 minutes. I peeled them after they were in the frig a few hours. Wrapped them with Italian sausage and left them in the frig overnight. The next day I cooked them at 375 degrees until the sausage was done.”

Simply amazing and an inspiration!

At over 15,000 members you can imagine the amount of posts they get daily but it’s all really from a  great bunch.  I look forward to the many ideas I will get here  Check them out


Want to learn about how the Ketogenic Diet works or want some more info about the science behind it all?  Head over to


The fest has come to an end

My Eggfest, Eggfeast, Eggfast – whatever you want to call it is OVER!  Over for the minute anyway.  I had a steak omelet for yesterdays breakfast, a HUGE caesar salad for lunch (chicken, romaine, avocado, parmesan cheese and a lovely SF dressing I made and for dinner was roast chicken and mashed cauliflower.   Can you say mmmmmm?

Eating 90% eggs is such an odd and simple solution if you want to get right into ketosis and level your system, I loved doing it! I can myself doing this twice a year forever but now I will do an extended induction following the basic Atkins Diet plan until I lose all the weight I need to lose.

If you have any questions drop me an email


Oh, what the hell, I can do this for two more days!

I awoke this morning and was preparing eggs for for my wife and I, I had forgotten (at first) that I was going to eat leftover steak and as I scrambled a third egg in a tbs of butter I remembered. Then I saw those fluffy yellow eggs and just decided to continue the Eggfest 2011 for another 2 days and do a complete 14 day egg fast. So my tuesday morning breakfast will be eggs, bacon and possibly a flax roll – that will be my Break EggFast

btw that is decaf coffee with the tiniest bit of heavy cream, no sweetener 🙂