Why I am back to Atkins: a confession

I began my podcast back in 2007 and promised over and over again to myself, my family and my listeners/ subscribers that I would remain on the path of Atkins. I dropped a total of 60lbs, felt great, looked great and was on the road to success. Then I decided to float off track, I have had roughly 3 years of troubling failures with this diet and (if you have listened throughout my podcast you know) flip flopping and experimenting with modified versions of Atkins, low fat, high carb, all brown rice, raw, etc etc and gaining weight with every turn. As I got sadder, I got fatter and at points turned to alcohol while stuffing my face in terrible depression. It occurred to me about 3 months ago that I was a fraud in relation to Low Carb, I had no right to offer advice! And who the hell am I to modify Dr Atkins plan?!?! I wanted to post a podcast again and tell my tale but thought, I need to prove to myself I can follow through on Low Carb 100% before I post another podcast on the subject. Today I am 22lbs down and am doing an extended induction and really loving it. Again. This way of eating is so simple and easy if you just follow the rules, something I am relearning. I have to thank Jimmy Moore for being so kind over the years and keeping the Low carb movement alive and well, also, Dana Carpender who has a newer podcast but is really doing an outstanding job. Those are the podcasts you should listen to to learn about low carb, Atkins and livin’ la vida low carb in general. Listen to my show to hear about the struggles of a NYC graphic artist, tech nerd, father, husband and musician who works in a place with pizza parties, cupcakes, and temptations around every corner. This time I’m not straying, this time it is for life.

– Marc Sage marc@lowcarbshow.com