Stuck in a Bland Low Carb Food Rut? End it now!

As many of you already know, eating many of the same foods can get tiresome which is why I try to eat as many different proteins and fats as possible (minus when I was on a 2 week Egg-fast) but it is also why I use so many seasonings. In order to make it into my cupboard it must be sugar free, MSG free and free of any chemicals that may interfere with our WOE.  It is important to also view the sodium content since too much is of course, not a good thing, and anything over-salted tastes awful. There are so many seasonings out there but before you buy please read the label, if it has additives that you cannot pronounce, ends in ‘OSE’ (like dextrose, another form of sugar you cannot have on induction) or simply has more than say 6 ingredients: Put it back, step away and keep searching to find a good one.  Here is a list of ones I have

Trader Joes has a small collection of simple herbs like Basil, Thyme, Garlic Powder, etc.  They have no additives and are a very nice quality. In general Trader Joes in notorious for having Low carb friendly foods like Almond Butter, Almond Milk, Frozen fish, meats, veggies and other stuff.

Many good brand names are Lawry’s,  McCormick, Mrs. Dash, Chef Paul Prudhomme and a bunch more – click here to go to my website which lists the most popular ones and links to their websites

McCormick makes a good collection of seasonings and I have probably 15 different ones which include onion dehydrated flakes (these are great in mashed cauli), Italian blend, Montreal Steak (low sodium) Seasoning, A newer awesome Montreal Chicken Seasoning, Garlic powder, poultry seasoning (a little salty), Sugar free BBQ smoke, cayenne, chili powder, etc.

Mrs Dash makes a lot of amazing salt-free seasoning perfect for Low Carb eating!  I use the Chipotle and Lime Seasonings all the time.

Hot Sauces
Tabasco is amazing, it’s a very unique and delicious hot sauce, try it – made only on Avery Island!
Franks Red hot Sauce is a staple in my food but there is a lot of sodium so be careful (I make fiery hot wings with a mixture of Franks, Tabasco, garlic and a few other things – yummy – and serve with a blue cheese dip with celery)

For salt I use Sea Salt or Kosher Salt – I have never found one brand to be better or worse than another.  There have been some interesting salts that have popped up like Hickory Smoked salt, Bacon Salt (Kosher, believe it or not!) and Garlic Salt.

I know these can sometimes cost quite a bit and you will be tempted to buy lower priced ones but with seasonings you truly get what you pay for.  It’s a rarity, I know!  Seasonings get old fairly quickly (no more than a 9-10 month life span in my kitchen) I found this page to pretty good to track down some McCormick coupons

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