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Eggfest false start

Hey everyone. I got some for
Of a stomach bug so 2 days into my Eggfest I went onto regular induction lite! I am not off induction but felt very sick on the 2nd, I don’t feel it had anything to do with the egg fast though. Starting tomorrow I’m back to it. Hooray!


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Rules for the Atkins Induction

One of the most important things to remember about the rules of the Atkins Diet Induction is that they must be adhered to strictly for the entire time. For most of you this will be only two weeks, but some of you may stay on it longer if you wish.

There are several rules of induction, and if you can follow these rules to the letter, you will successfully take the first steps toward your weight loss goals and a healthier lifestyle. They are the basis that the whole Atkins Diet revolves around.

The reason the rules of the Atkins diet induction phase are so crucial to your overall success is that they are the basis for resetting your metabolism and beginning ketosis. Ketosis is the process that burns your own body fat as fuel once you cut out the carbs.

Do not skip meals or go more than six hours without eating when awake. Eat either three regular meals or four or five smaller meals.Eat liberal amounts of proteins and fats. Preferably lean meats, including poultry, eggs, fish and some red meat and natural fats such as butter, olive oil and mayo.

Never eat more than 20 grams of carbs a day. These should primarily come from salad greens and vegetables.

Eat NO fruits, breads, pastas, starchy vegetables or grains. You will even have to pass on beans and nuts until you are done with the Induction phase.

Follow the food list. One of the most important rules of the Atkins diet induction is not to eat anything that isn’t on the acceptable foods list. That means NOTHING – no “just a taste,” no cheating.

Pay attention to what your body tells you. Your appetite should decrease as you move through Induction. When this happens, be sure you cut back on portions – you don’t have to eat as much as you used to, and stuffing yourself is counter-productive.

Learn to read nutrition labels on all foods. Check them to see how many carbs are in anything you’re planning to eat. If you aren’t sure, find a good carb counter to help you out.

NO gravy. Feel free to eat as often as you want, but be careful to avoid sauces and gravies. Carbs and sugars can sneak into these easier than any other foods.

Don’t drink beverages with aspartame. Sucralose and saccharin are fine, though – as long as you remember that each packet of these sweeteners is 1 gram of carbs.

Don’t drink caffeine when you are on the Atkins diet. This rule means no coffee, tea or sodas unless they’re decaffeinated. Too much caffeine causes a drop in blood sugar and can lead to cravings.

Make sure you get enough fiber. Some good sources are psyllium husks (look for them in health food stores) or ground flaxseed.
Drink plenty of water. The standard advice to drink eight glasses of water a day is especially important during Induction – it will flush out the by-products of ketosis and keep you hydrated.

Induction is the most crucial phase of the Atkins Diet. If you are successful at it, the next three phases (Weight Loss, Pre-Maintenance and Maintenance) will be easy. So keep these rules of the Atkins diet induction phase in mind at all times to make sure you can reach all of your weight loss goals.


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Paula Deen Hawking Diabetes Meds – how convenient! #lowcarb #paleo #diabetes

Paula Deen is now working for and shilling for Novo Nordisk (Novo’s press release). Yup, she has openly admitted that she will be promoting the pharmaceutical companies product, Deen says. “Talking about money is garish. It’s tacky. But, of course, I’m been compensated for my time. That’s the way our world works.”


In my life I have found that only people with lots of money or no money can say that, I feel Paula is on the richer side of things. We don’t have to worry about  her son Bobby’s finances since three weeks before her revelation, “Deen’s son Bobby launched a new Cooking Channel show called “Not My Momma’s Meals,” featuring lighter versions of his mother’s dishes.”

Read more: Senator Grassley should investigate the money that pharmaceutical companies pay celebrities such as Paula Deen and push to have these payments made public just like pharma payments to physicians must be made public.

Deen claims to use Novo Nordisk’s Victoza, a once-daily, non-insulin injection that may improve blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes when used along with diet and exercise.

It also appears that Deen will NOT change her lifestyle — ie, eating habits — much to encourage PREVENTION of type 2 diabetes.

“Type 2 diabetes is like ‘Russian roulette’ when it comes to whom it’s going to strike, Deen says. ‘It’s about heredity. It’s about age, lifestyle, race. I’m the only one in my family who has it. My grandmother cooked and ate like I ate, and she didn’t have it.’

“Deen says she’s not going to change the focus of her cooking shows because of diabetes. ‘I suspect I’ll stick to my roots but will say a little louder, Eat this in moderation.'”

Novo Nordisk appears to be abandoning life style changes it has supported in the past or maybe it’s just exhibiting a form of PR-Marketing schizophrenia.

Just this past November on World Diabetes Day, for example, the company issued a press release in which it announced that it was a partner in the World Diabetes Day campaign and that it “has planned or co-sponsored a variety of activities throughout the world…[all of which] are focused on increasing awareness and improving knowledge of diabetes and its prevention” (see “Dramatic increase in diabetes prevalence calls for action“).

The two activities just do not fit together! The first (sponsoring World Diabetes Day) is a matter of public relations and the second (Paula Deen) is marketing’s turf — never the twain shall meet.

Novo and Paula have launched a new Website (registered for the first time on Dec-7-2011, followed by Deen’s press release) whose very name hints at the new emphasis: “Diabetes in a new light!™” (

Apparently, Novo Nordisk is more interested in helping people live with type 2 diabetes by treating it than it is in helping 26 million Americans prevent it.