On /r/keto: [NSV] Found coconut oil! I cried.

When I started keto two years ago, I searched every where for coconut oil but couldn't find any where. I kind of gave up on ever finding this thing that everyone was talking about. Then life happened and I decided to take a break from keto, sadly.

Two months ago I decided that it was the perfect time to start again. So far I have been doing great! As far as weight loss goes I'm happy as I have been losing consistently. I vary recipes, which keeps it interesting. I am more in to keto this time round, more prepared and organized. I track everything with MFP and study nutritional information labels as if it were a bible.

But for the past two months I have been on a quest to find coconut oil. I don't know how many delicious recipes I had to give up on since they required coconut oil. Everywhere I saw people saying how BPC is awesome with coconut oil. I searched in about 4-5 stores but couldn't find anywhere. Then today decided to go to one of the larger stores here in my country, with the sole intention of finding this manna. And there it was in the oriental food isle!! I decided to get 4 jars because seriously this was like a historic find. Upon checking the nutritional info and held it my hand I literally cried!! :')

So now I'm excited to try it and see what all the rave is all about 🙂 All I can say so far is that it smells divine and I just might end up spreading some all over me to start with 😀

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