On /r/keto: [NSV] best 3 pounds I’ve ever gained

In the one month since Jan 28th I have gained 3 pounds. But I am smiling ear to ear. I have lost 4 inches on my waist, 4 inches on my hips and 3 inches on my left thigh, and 1 maintenance med(cymbalta for pain from fibromyalgia, neuropathy,and arthritis, 1.5 week without, been on it many years tried half a dozen times to quit didn't last but 3 or 4 days before crippling pain) . I took out the garbage to the street without having to sit and rest after, shopped for an hour at Wally world came home and did not collapse but danced around the kitchen cooking and singing. (But first threw away the shirt I was wearing cause I kept exposing myself in Walmart due to it falling off my shoulders, this was 1st time I put it on in a long time) By the way I bought 10 dollars worth of Girl Scout cookies from the table in front of Walmart and told them to keep them " I don't eat those any more". Feel like dancing and hugging total strangers, it feels wonderful. All in one month

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