On /r/keto: My friend [RA] told me how dangerous Keto was yesterday, and I’m still puzzled.

She talked about ketoacidosis, etc. I know the difference between ketosis and ketoACIDOSIS. What I'm confused about is why she said it's so unhealthy and dangerous. How? We're [bf&I] basically just cutting out bread and rice and eating more fats. How is that more dangerous than a month ago when I would buy a big bag of Reeses candy and have two 1.5liters of mt dew daily, followed by bread, bread, bread, no fruits and no vegetables? Now I'm eating more meat (hamburger, bacon, chicken, sausage), and more vegetables–granted I'm still not eating fruits, as I'm just not a fruit person, but I'm drinking more water and tea, too.

I don't understand WHY she thinks the keto diet is so dangerous, VS how I was eating before. Surely lowcarb is healthier than 1-2 bottles of coke, 10pc breaded chicken nuggets, and 3 cookies for dinner. Or a KFC famous bowl, a mt dew, and 3 cookies for dinner.


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