On /r/keto: “Bulletproof rapid fat loss”… Only fat for 5 days. Most extreme keto?

I was just browsing and came across this.

5 days of essentially 100% fat apart from some salt and supplements seems to be the most extreme keto induction I've seen. It is interesting that the first meal you have you are able to eat certain carbs like sweet potatoes and he seems to encourage it.

Any thoughts?

I know Dave is a bit koo koo and a sales man in some areas, but while this diet may have a negative effect on your muscles, it is only for 5 days and if you are very overweight it might be the best way to kick your body into changing? People have starved themselves for far longer, and you arent even starving here.

As an aside, I did try his "Get Some" Ice Cream, it was actually amazing and everyone should try it. It is basically about 90% fat from lots of eggs, coconut oil, butter and mct oil. Though I messed it up adding too much water and so it ended up being a delicious mousse in my fridge.

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