Let’s read and then go shopping!

About 2 months ago I had the realization that I needed to go back to the base of Atkins and do ‘by the book’ so I reread Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution which begins with 30 words that resonated in my head throughout the day,

“Lose weight! Increase energy! Look great! This book will show you how it’s done.

 Not only that, it will show you how to change your life one and for all.”

Normally such words would invoke images of ThighMasters, Magic Bullet Blenders that make salsa or some other late night quackery (for the record, I actually own and love my Magic Bullet) but these words resonated with me because they had two truths within them.

– It was what inspired me in 2007 to begin a Low Carb way of eating (woe)

– What he said was true, not one false word, and I knew it!

The psychological change from a person who is overweight, filling their bodies with processed foods and chemicals to one who not only looks good on the outside but feels amazing on the inside is a rare and euphoric feeling that is indescribable, especially when you drop that first ‘wave’ of weight in the first 14 days (yeah, 14 days to the beginning of a new you, I didn’t believe it either).  When I gained the weight back I felt the way I looked, terrible. Was I same person, yes, but I was again a slave to food and excess weight.  I had hidden behind the idea of Atkins instead of following the rules, and the rules are easy.

-don’t consume more than 20 grams of carbs a day and make those 20 grams be mostly green veggies

-have 3-5 meals a day without skipping

-if you are hungry, eat something!

-drink at least 64 ounces of water

that’s pretty much it! I have to insist that you read the Atkins’ New Diet Revolution cover to cover because the amount of information you need that is in there is invaluable to your way of eating but it’s a such a simple concept.

I suppose  you can also look at it as

– Don’t eat sugar, grains, any starchy vegetable or fruit for Induction

As you will read in New Revolution, Dr Atkins re-introduces carbs to find a perfect balance so you can either lose more weight or maintain the weight you are at all the while eating some of the most incredible foods imaginable!

Well that’s enough of my preaching, time to go shopping and load up on some goodies.  Some of the things on my shopping list (I am going to cook a lot of food and store it for this weekend and next week) are
– whole chicken to roast and carve up
– 2lbs of ground beef for my ‘messy meat chili’
– tuna fish (canned in water)
– romaine lettuce
– celery
– green cabbage (I make a mean stir fry with hot sauce and chopped cabbage)
– eggs (for hard-boiled and fried)

until next time!

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