Is Eating Low Carb really more expensive?

The other day I was talking to my wife and I mentioned that I am at an early stage of this WOE where I am looking forward to making a steak and veg instead of buying a pizza.  She mentioned that she is proud of me (thanks honey) but it cost more to eat low carb.  Now I need to explain before I go on that I do all the shopping and cooking in the house, my wife chose to never learn to cook and instead is an amazing mother instead.  Bottom line is, she has no idea how much a this stuff costs and needed to be set straight, but was she right?  After thinking about it a bit I realized Low Carb APPEARS to look expensive because you spend the money at once instead of $6 for Taco bell, $14 for Pizza, etc but from what I can tell (at least my situation where we were eating take out or fast food several nights a week) it costs less! It’s amazing when you compare the amount of food you can cook and prepare for the week compared to how much it would cost if you were to eat out for the majority of those meals.  I live in NYC and a cheap salad is $7.50 and although I am able buy something while staying on my low Carb plan, the only reason I had to buy the salad was because I forgot one I prepared in the fridge.  To make a salad at home it may cost $10-$12 if you have nothing in your house but it will allow you to prep several salads, the one I bought today from Subway was lame in comparison.

It is important to look for deals though if you want to save money. I found a website which I religiously use each week to discover the good deals in my area and it has helped me save even more!  Check it out

The cool thing about this site is you can search categories (Meat, fish, vegetables, etc) and omit things that are non-low carb sections such as Bakery or Dessert and just load up when the canned string beans are like $.75 a can.

Try it and let me know what you think!

PS – I am a fan of that site and have ZERO affiliation with them

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