I’m empty from a stomach bug…

Here is the whole story. my son had been sick for about 4 days and not able to keep any food down, this past Friday my wife texted me and told me she was leaving early because she had vomited at work, I thought “oh boy! weekend fun times” I went to cvs and got anti everything and headed home. after putting my wife to bed and making my son fall asleep from my reading I them relaxed and watched some late night tv. that’s when my stomach began gurgling, then rumbling, I made a small salad and made a turkey burger ad went to sleep not too much later. around 3am i awoke from a dream of mr being I’ll only to realize I WAS sick! ugh
without the details i spent two days expelling everything I had ever eaten lol
yesterday I felt a little better an even though it isn’t low carb I ate some saltines and today I began another rung of induction. I feel this will be different this time around since i am ’empty’

I am waiting for the lirr right now, I have a salad packed, water at work and ready to restart after my sickness. tonight will be spinach and steak and this morning was 3 eggs, bacon and a fork lol

update u tomorrow!

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