How to drop that cup of coffee and get on with your Low Carb Journey

In most people Caffeine stimulates cravings, it’s THAT simple! Caffeine can also mess with your blood sugar and basically screw up your Low Carb Way of Eating!  Aside from caffeine most people will add some sweetener and creamer into their drink so you walk away with roughly 2 carbs per cup, not so great if you are keeping under 20 grams a day.

Well, the first thing you want to do to clear your system of this bitter drink is to

1 – replace it with things in abundance, yes, WATER!  64 ounces a day is MINIMUM and easy once you start drinking more water. My rule of thumb is 64 ounces + 8 ounces for every 25 lbs you want to lose. I find when I don’t drink enough water I don’t lose, so up the water intake people!

2 – Put the money you may have spent on it aside – you will be surprised how much those $3 Americano’s add up to a the end of the week.

3 – herbal tea and a little stevia goes a long way

4 – Have a hot broth, aside from adding some good salts it really is tasty

5 – If you get a whiff of some good coffee, take it in and enjoy it, coffee is mostly about the ritual of making it, smelling it and preparing it, drinking it is really only 20% of the process.

Hope this helps some of you to cut the cravings.  Remember, this isn’t forever, your coffee will be there in a few weeks, months, etc waiting for you and possibly you will enjoy it more.


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