Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone! I wanted to just drop a note to let you guys know I’m still in induction and the clothes are fitting better, energy is up and I am drinking tons of water which i feel is the key to this woe. I am on the lirr heading home from work and geez, I know they say the paper business is dying but wow are we busy in my NYC office. i found an Asian place that makes super clean foods and will make things for me to order which I love 🙂 today was green peppers, steak, onions and broccoli stirfried and some hot mustard and soy sauce yum and only $6! and that’s in midtown!
anyway, Sunday we are going to my sister inlaws house and she is getting a sushi platter for us but I’ll pick out the fish and try my best to get through the meal lol. my wife is with me this time during induction and wow, she is doing really wonderfully! we may stray for new years but only for 12 hours and not overindulging, just indulging 🙂 its like a mental clearing but we NEED to get right back on that horse so please yell at me if i stray lol
on a different topic, anyone try p90x? my brother in law is swearing by it it said it’s tough, I’m going to do the 90 days beginning the second Saturday of 2011, let me know what think. well my stop is coming up and it’s almost 11pm, the wife hates my late nights as do I. 🙁 but it’s money right? I really miss my son Ramiel when I work late too but I’ll have a nice three day weekend to have a blast with him, cant believe he is two a half already. eeks 🙂

eat right!


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