Finding a new way to add walking to the day #paleo #primal #lowcarb

My actual career is in Graphic Design and like many of you who work in office settings, I sit A LOT.

I believe it was Mark Sisson who said he has a saying in his office,

“Sitting = Death”.

As much as I try to get up and walk around every 20-30 minutes I am stuck doing revisions and meeting deadlines and it just doesn’t work out.  I live on Long island here in NY and commute into Manhattan via the Long Island RailRoad so I decided to instead of looking for the closest spot to park I will choose the furthest ( I would walk TO the station but it is about 4 miles and I just don’t have the time to invest in that walk).  This adds an extra half mile walk in the morning and afternoon and it got me thinking – how else can I add walks to my day so I thought I would just throw some ideas into the blog and see what I can come up with.

1 – park far / walk far – it may add a few minutes to your commute but it’s worth it.

2 – Skip the escalator/elevator – again, this partially works for me but since I work on the 27th floor of an office building I don’t see doing this without being drenched and useless all day but if it is three flights or less, you have no excuse to take an elevator but the escalator skipping is a great way to get a few extra steps in.

3 – Drink a lot of water – your body will alert you when it is time to take a walk and there is no fighting it, not for very long anyway 🙂

4 – Buy a pair of comfortable shoes – it will encourage you to walk more

5 – We are converting to standing desks in my new office so this will give me the chance to just move around more and get off my tush

Tomorrow I am going to buy some more comfy shoes, I already drink a lot of water and you know the rest.  If I can fit an extra 1.5 miles in a day I am happy but any extra movement is done in the name of health.

Any other ideas or tips?

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