Eggfest day 6

Today marks the 6th day of my extreme low carb personal challenge. in the past 3 days I added a little more to the Eggfest but am removing it moving forward. For breakfast a few days ago I made 2 strips of bacon (sugar free), that night I added spinach to an omelet and last night I had a late night salad because I ran out of eggs (bought a dozen this morning and am running to bjs to load up). I feel very loose in my clothes and overall pretty good. I truly love eggs and I am not tired of them but would like to cook something else – lol. I am going to do this for another 7 days and then go into a standard Atkins Induction beginning next Tuesday. I need to drink more water than usual while in this eggfest, perhaps because it puts one directly into ketosis and urine is a great outlet for the ketones. email me if you have any egg recipes or techniques you can pass my way 🙂 I will be poaching eggs tonight.

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