Eggfest 2011

I’ve been inspired to copycat an “Eggspirience” for an undetermined amount of time by the one and only, Jimmy Moore. I read about Jimmy’s adventure back in 2010 and thought it was extreme and had to be dangerous …right? I mean a dozen eggs a day!?! Just butter and cheese? what the WHAT?!?! Anyway, of course I was wrong and secretly envious that Jimmy made the decision to change the direction of his weight loss and took the bull by the horns! He dropped about 20lbs within the month but even more interestingly, it normalized issues he was having with his blood sugar level. How Cool is that? If you would like to read about Jimmy’s ‘Eggfest’ Journey (and I truly recommend this) check out these links.

One of the most interesting sections of Jimmy’s website is his 3 year dedication to documenting his meals so you can see what a real Low Carb lifer is eating – a must read

Marc, why are you doing this? Well, I am doing this because I feel my system is out of whack from flip flopping on Low Carb and I feel this will ground me and let me start off with a running start. As Jimmy wrote to me via Twitter, ‘it gives you perspective on why you eat low-carb in the first place’ and I NEED that perspective. I can’t wait to lose the weight I have gained back but more importantly I can’t wait to feel the effects of better health from eating whole, real and rich foods. My wife is coming along with me on Atkins this time around and I applaud her. Since I am the only person who cooks in the house I will be making up some super yummy foods for her but for me, at least for the week yummy and cheesy omelets cooked in some awesome butter. I will search for grass-fed and local products this weekend. My plan is to get quickly on track and add in whole foods selectively all the while being on extended induction and in ketosis.

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