Eggfest 2011 day 2

I was in a rush this morning so I will get 3 eggs fried on the grill with 3 bacon strips and 2 slices of American cheese to eat as a late morning meal/lunch. There are some stuff that is easy to find in Penn Station and other things impossible. For instance, breakfast before 11am is always easy to find, and they will make it the way you want! after 11? it’s as though breakfast never existed. finding a good low carb choice can be a struggle which is why I prefer to pack my own but if your morning was like mine (3 year old was up half the night with an ear ache, poor little guy 🙁 ) you grab what you can and prepare for the worst. Tonight I plan on making a type of Messy Meat Quiche for my wife. I will post a recipe if it is a success.

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