Day 19

Things were going perfectly until two MASSIVELY HUGE screw-ups happened yesterday!  I ordered a Dunkin Donuts Decaf with half & half and 2 splenda – when I tasted it I thought it was very sweet but just didn’t think about it – when I finished it I noticed it had a TON of real sugar in it (undissolved).  This bummed me out but I drank a ton of water and moved on.  Then I decided I needed a caffiene boost to wake myself up (I work for the newspaper industry and need to be somewhat awake when designing layouts) so when someone offered me some diet soda I drank it thinking it was Cherry Coke Zero, ends up it was regular cherry Coke (labels are similar, see below)








So anyway, I am going through some serious sugar withdrawal and funky issues but I jumped back onto the horse without straying further!  No more buying coffee and no more soda!  Lesson learned!





One thought on “Day 19”

  1. I’m pretty paranoid to the point that, when I’m filling up my refillable mug at a Speedway fountain station with Diet Mountain Dew, I’ll think, “How do I know they hooked this up to right syrup? What if it’s regular Mountain Dew?!?”

    Of course, I’ve had diet long enough to be able to really taste a difference between it and regular pop, but that apparently doesn’t stop me from having the thought anyways!

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