Day 12 of induction

Hey everyone! So I am beginning to feel the wave of energy we all know comes with induction but it came really late this time around for me, perhaps it is because I am now 38 and need to excercise more. Either way, I feel it is here and I have the horrid but welcomed ketone breath! I decided to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste at work so if it gets out of hand I can take care of it lol.
For those who don’t know what ketone breath or ketones are you should google it. It is essentially the byproduct of losing weight on the Atkins diet and comes with bad breath, stinky pee and other goodies.
Today I need coffee! No if, ands or buts about it! I am continuing adjusting to daylight savings and find it rough this time.
Off to work all! Drink your water!

One thought on “Day 12 of induction”

  1. Way to go!!!!!! Do you use Keto Sticks? A little pricy but makes you feel good to seem them turning dark purple!! Good idea on the toothbrush, I also suggest sugar-free mints, I buy them bulk. LOL

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