Daily Encouragement

In the past week alone I have received about  200 emails from many of you congratulating me on restarting the Atkins diet and getting back on track – to all of you THANK YOU!

Today I am reading quite a few blogs and finding inspiration through others success stories. I am just blown away by the progress that so many people have accomplished!  For instance http://hanksjourney.com , I came across his blog and from what I can see it begins in Oct 2010 and to date he has lost over 100lbs!  WOW just WOW!  If that doesn’t speak volumes for Atkins WOL than I don’t know what does.  One of the sites I’ve been frequenting lately is http://www.holdthetoast.com where Dana Carpender writes about everything from the history of Kelloggs cereal to an amazing recipe for Spareribs.  I will often go to a forum and read through over at http://forum.lowcarber.org if I am looking for something to distract me from the carbs in the world.

I am feeling a little sluggish today and the cravings are bugging me but I brought a huge salad with roast lemon chicken, hardboiled eggs and am drinking a lot of water.  I find when I get cravings it’s water that washes them away.

If you are doing induction, how are you doing?  How do you find encouragement?

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