Comfort food in a time of need

I have a cold and on induction that can be a rough time.  I have made it through in the past and this time I cooked up some of my favorite induction friendly staples to help me.  I had some leftover steak so I decided to make a starry but didn’t have any bell peppers or onions but I did have a zucchini!  I sliced it long-ways and into half moon pieces, maybe an 8th of an inch a piece.  Then I poured a nice amount of olive oil into a HOT pan, dropped the zucchini in and mixed until the pieces all had a nice shiny coating.  I added a pinch of seasalt and two (or three) pinches of black pepper.  Keep the pieces moving as this cooks up into a VERY simple and yummy dish.  When the skin begins to wrinkle or the flesh turns yellow/translucent they are done.  I put the pieces in a container with my sliced steak and a dash of soy sauce on top.  I just heated it up in the microwave ( brought it to work) and it is perfect!

I think the bottom line is that sometimes you need a good, hot meal to make you feel better and although this is no cure, it makes the bad times better.

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