Making a roast today

It’s cold out and nothing makes my house feel more cozy than a slow cooked beef roast! The house smells of onion, garlic, fresh herbs and especially BEEF!

I got a skillet nice and hot, threw in a tablespoon or two of bacon fat and seared this roast 3 min per side. I dropped it into the slow cooker with misc herbs, a little onion and water. I didn’t have any celery or fresh garlic on hand this time around so I had to skip it.

3 hrs in and she smells pretty good.

What is in your slow cooker?


Ever wonder how Alton Brown dropped so much weight years ago? hint : sardines!


In our house we LOVE Good Eats!  Which means we LOVE Alton Brown!  He has a certain attitude and approach which makes me feel as though I can really cook the more complicated things that exist, and he is right. In this segment on The View he discusses his recent (2009) weight loss and attributes it to sardines…this is no joke either!  He found that by eating sardines with Extra Virgin Olive oil he not only remained satisfied but was filling up on awesome Omega-3’s and gaining the other benefits of Olive Oil such as heart health!  Included is also an awesome 1 minute Eggplant Parmesan recipe which is naturally low carb.  Enjoy.