The Holidays are in Full swing – Don’t stray!

It is sometimes very difficult to avoid high carb foods but what helps me through the tough times is to recall how many times I tried to  stick to a diet beginning January 1only to push so hard that I set myself up for failure. Don’t let the coming New Year become an excuse to fall off plan and gain weight.  This is a new way of eating and once you accept that and realize how awesome the foods and way of life are, you will happily get to your weight loss goal.  I don’t know what I am trying to say in this post exactly, maybe just realize you aren’t alone and this coming December 31 I will NOT be over-indulging and setting myself up for failure.  Been there and done that!

You have cheated. Now what?

First off I don’t like the word cheating since you never get away with the action on a diet, I prefer to say ‘indulging’ or ‘high carb meal’. Words do matter.

For some of us the holidays bring memories of indulgence and lack of restrain and although these are difficult habits to alter, we chose to make a change in our life and this is the annual test you NEED to pass! Whenever fellow low carbers ask me if they can eat something they should know better for asking about I always answer,” you can eat whatever you want, you’re an adult.” and I get a dirty look, but, What I mean by this is, we chose low carb for life, if you choose to eat high carb foods expect to gain weight. It’s truly that simple.

In reality high carb meals are eaten and self esteem and guilt follow, often by more high carb meals and guilt. I have had a painful history of this and have in the past spiraled out of control only to find myself in a place I didn’t want to be, on the scale seeing a tremendous gain.

QuestionI ate horribly for thanksgiving, I feel terrible, what now?

Answer – don’t beat yourself up, take a breath, think about what you ate and realize that it wasn’t worth it, low carb options could have replaced the high carb ones and next time you will not indulge. Drink some water, make an omelet and realize you are ok, you have a grasp on this and are dedicated to get back on track NOW. Not tomorrow or even tonight, but right now!

It is especially important to remain satisfied and have snacks during this period, water will help flush the high carb food out and snacks will help control your cravings. It will take about 3 days to get out of this rut and back into ketosis but it will be worth it.

Hope is not lost! You can do this!

PLEASE email me if you ever need some advice – we can even chat on the phone 🙂


Frozen meats, half and half and cream – The whole deal!

With all of the amazing sales many supermarkets are having for the upcoming holiday season it is hard to resist many low carb dairy purchases but now that you are home, was it wise to grab the 10 8oz containers of Philadelphia Cream Cheese?  Or 6 quarts of Half and Half and Heavy Cream?  This was my dilemma , I wanted to store ethos stuff and use it in the future, not all at once – here is what i found out

Cream cheese

it’s a texture thing not a taste thing so if you are going to cook with it, it is ok to freeze and thaw it out.  That bar of Cream cheese should be good for up to 8 months!  Low Carb Cheese cake when the cream cheese is not on sale will be a welcomed addition to my meals 🙂

here is an excerpt I found on a very interesting website

“Cream Cheese – You can freeze it directly in the original package. It does changes the consistency once frozen however if are using it in cooking or heated then just use a spoon to smooth the texture then it is no problem. You can also microwave it to smooth as well. As it cools it will not be as creamy as if unfrozen so I find it best to use for cooking or not in its original form for best results.  I freeze it all of the time!  I use it for skyline dip or other recipes that call for cream cheese.  It can also be used for spreading but I do find it to be crumbly so you do have to use a spoon smooth and microwave it to get it back to a somewhat normal consistency. However it will work.”

Half and Half and Heavy Cream

I have done this and regretted it.  Basically, the milkfat separates and becomes ‘clumpy’.  When I added it to coffee it had ‘floaties’ on top and kind of grossed me out.  On the other hand, I have added it to recipes that asked for it (I shook the container before measuring) and it worked out fine so I suppose it’s a YMMV situation.


Meats can be frozen for a very long time and still retain good flavor and color.  the key to this is obvious, buy the freshest and seal the tightest!  I use a vacuum sealer or good freezer bags for most frozen goods.  I find that frozen veggies just don’t last very long in their packaging so I will often put them in ziplocks as well.

For most meats I will usually not let is sit there for more than 6 months and if I do i will most likely chuck it or throw it in the slow cooker and hope for something yummy.  If something looks weird, smells weird or just seems odd – THROW IT OUT

When in doubt, throw it out!

Here is a useful website for more about freezing meats and meat safety – fun for hours!

I’m off to buy some more goodies for my freezer and fridge – until next time!

Stuck in a Bland Low Carb Food Rut? End it now!

As many of you already know, eating many of the same foods can get tiresome which is why I try to eat as many different proteins and fats as possible (minus when I was on a 2 week Egg-fast) but it is also why I use so many seasonings. In order to make it into my cupboard it must be sugar free, MSG free and free of any chemicals that may interfere with our WOE.  It is important to also view the sodium content since too much is of course, not a good thing, and anything over-salted tastes awful. There are so many seasonings out there but before you buy please read the label, if it has additives that you cannot pronounce, ends in ‘OSE’ (like dextrose, another form of sugar you cannot have on induction) or simply has more than say 6 ingredients: Put it back, step away and keep searching to find a good one.  Here is a list of ones I have

Trader Joes has a small collection of simple herbs like Basil, Thyme, Garlic Powder, etc.  They have no additives and are a very nice quality. In general Trader Joes in notorious for having Low carb friendly foods like Almond Butter, Almond Milk, Frozen fish, meats, veggies and other stuff.

Many good brand names are Lawry’s,  McCormick, Mrs. Dash, Chef Paul Prudhomme and a bunch more – click here to go to my website which lists the most popular ones and links to their websites

McCormick makes a good collection of seasonings and I have probably 15 different ones which include onion dehydrated flakes (these are great in mashed cauli), Italian blend, Montreal Steak (low sodium) Seasoning, A newer awesome Montreal Chicken Seasoning, Garlic powder, poultry seasoning (a little salty), Sugar free BBQ smoke, cayenne, chili powder, etc.

Mrs Dash makes a lot of amazing salt-free seasoning perfect for Low Carb eating!  I use the Chipotle and Lime Seasonings all the time.

Hot Sauces
Tabasco is amazing, it’s a very unique and delicious hot sauce, try it – made only on Avery Island!
Franks Red hot Sauce is a staple in my food but there is a lot of sodium so be careful (I make fiery hot wings with a mixture of Franks, Tabasco, garlic and a few other things – yummy – and serve with a blue cheese dip with celery)

For salt I use Sea Salt or Kosher Salt – I have never found one brand to be better or worse than another.  There have been some interesting salts that have popped up like Hickory Smoked salt, Bacon Salt (Kosher, believe it or not!) and Garlic Salt.

I know these can sometimes cost quite a bit and you will be tempted to buy lower priced ones but with seasonings you truly get what you pay for.  It’s a rarity, I know!  Seasonings get old fairly quickly (no more than a 9-10 month life span in my kitchen) I found this page to pretty good to track down some McCormick coupons