Another new beginning? oy vey!

The other day I posted an entry about eating clean and restarting a healthy way of eating.  That afternoon I made a yummy salad, ate some roast chicken and afterward followed up with some Lentils and brown rice and then it hit me.  I had introduced foods into my diet that either

1 – I’m not ready for
2 – I eat too much of
3 – I convinced myself I could lose weight eating it
4 – I shouldn’t be eating at all!

Since my son was born in June of 2008 I became a lazy eater and cook.  I eat what I want and when I want and if my son won’t finish his dessert, what the heck, I’ll finish it even though I shouldn’t even have had mine (not at this weight anyway).  So yes,  I blame my son!


Just kidding!

But in all seriousness I just ate what I wanted and just seemed to stop paying attention since hey, there were diapers to change, bottles to make, money to make, etc etc etc and I just lost the focus I had when I was so successful in Low Carb year ago.  I stopped doing my LowCarbShow podcast, I convinced myself I needed to eat rice, beans and other legumes mostly instead of a nice balance of protein, fat and light on the carbs that worked (and will work again!) so well with me. I just gained and gained and I just feel low on energy and with a 2 and a half year old I need energy!

My wife, who is also guilty of eating what she wants is coming with me on this journey while we begin a 14 day induction today.  I will post my progress and new adventures and hopefully I will record a new podcast this week. I moved a couple months ago and am still in limbo but I just need a few hours to reconnect my mic, etc

Got a question?  call the LC Hotline!


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