A Collection of Seasoning Brands

I will update this post and write my personal review for each one of these seasonings as I try them – I will add which to use and which to avoid.

McCormick & Company, Inc.
Spices, herbs, seasonings, extracts, and flavors.
Chef Paul Prudhomme
Offers his Magic Seasonings line and also includes recipes, tips, links, and more.
Mrs. Dash
Offers a selection of zesty seasoning blends. With cooking tips, recipes, and message boards.
Ginger People
Passionate about all things ginger and dedicated to promoting its virtues.
Great American Spice Co.
Offers spices, blends, oils, hot sauces, and sausage making supplies.
Atlantic Spice Co.
Offers spices, herbs, seasonings, extracts, and flavours.
Provides information on, and recipes for, their line of seasonings and marinades.
Offers Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, and Malaysian recipes, hints for cooking, popular dishes, and cultural information.
Spice Hunter, The
Makers of spices and salt-free blends as well as freeze dried soups, cereals, dressings, dips, and beverage mixes.
Kernel Seasons
Gourmet popcorn seasonings in flavors from white cheddar to sour cream and onion to chocolate marshmallow.
Garlic Valley Farms
Makers of natural and roasted pressed garlic spray.
Spices Etc.
On-line catalog of herbs, spices, specialty seasonings, and natural flavorings.
Select and store recipes; interactive herb & spice guide.
tsp Spices
Organic spices that come in perfectly measured, freshly sealed, single-use packages.
Red Monkey Food
Offers flavors, blends, and seasonings for different types of meat.
Chef Merito
Coyote County Seasonings Co.
Flavored seasoning packages and shake on seasonings for dip mixes, salsa, chili mix, cowboy bean mix, and more.
Betts Foods
Low salt vegetable and meat spices featuring low sodium gourmet seasoning for meats, soups, casseroles, dips, dressings, and more.
Great American Land & Cattle Company
Selling steak and meat, chile and cajun seasonings.
TexJoy Spices and Seaport Coffee
Ordering and cooking information.
Gravy Master, Inc.
Makers of a concentrated blend of spices, blended to enhance the natural flavors and appearance of meats, fish, and poultry, and vegetables.
Susie Q’s Brand
Featuring Santa Maria Style seasoning, pinquito beans, beef jerky, salsa, and more.
Village Roaster
Offering gourmet and green coffees, tea and spices.
Charles H. Baldwin and Sons
Manufactures vanilla and other flavoring extracts, as well as running a country store.
AVT McCormick Ingredients Ltd.
Manufactures sterilized spices.
McCormick Foods Australia
Includes celebrity recipes, hints and tips, and special offers.
Char Crust Co.
Dry-rub seasonings. Includes catalog, recipes, restaurants, cookbooks, and retail stores.
Looks, pours and measures just like regular salt.
Big Bruce’s Gunpowder Foods
Source for zesty American seasonings presented individually or in gift boxes. Mail order or wholesale.
Fiddes Payne – The Spice Trader
Old Savannah Spice Company
Offers a range of spices and sauce seasonings including, barbecue, cocktail and tartar sauce, Cajun, and more.
Corbin Brothers Eastern Shore Seasoning
Manufacturer of a seasoning originating on the Eastern shores of Maryland.
Uncle Freds Fine Foods
Gourmet condiments, sauces, and spices.
Everson Spice Co.
Gourmet spices, seasonings and foods for the home chef, restaurant and hotel industries.
Olde Westport Spice & Trading Co.
Pleasoning Seasoning
Offers a variety of low-sodium seasonings.
Chef Merito
Maker of spices and flavorings such as a salt, lemon and chili seasoning.
Johnny’s Fine Foods
Seasonings, salad dressings, packages mixes and sauces.
Distributor and retailer of peppercorns, salts, spices, and sugars for the home gourmet. Includes advice and products from featured chefs.
Asian Home Gourmet
Pan Asian spice pastes for rice, meat, or curries.
Makers of masala blends of spices, herbs, and condiments.
Complete pre-mixed spice packs for numerous curry recipes.
Pine Island Herb and Spice Co
Culinary herb and spice blends, gift baskets, herb pastas and seasonal speciality spice blends. Descriptions of blends and an online ordering form.
Adams Rib Rubb
Seasoning/tenderizer that after rubbed onto meat, covered, and chilled will break down and form a liquid marinade.
Aida’s Seasonings
Offering Puerto Rican style seasonings, herbs, salsa, and hot sauce.
Magic Dust
Gourmet spice seasoning for chicken, pork, and fish.
Glutamate food flavor enhancer.
Flavo Drop
Offers a line of concentrated liquid spice extracts. Flavors include cardamom, ginger, garlic, and curry.
Cookme Spices
Specializes in Indian spices, curries, and masalas.
Chaka’s MMM Sauces and Seasonings
Offering sauces, marinades and spices to enhance meats and vegetables.
American Spice & Seasoning, Inc.
Offers Adkins spices and seasonings.
All American Spices
Offers McCormick spices, blends, sauces, herbs, and dry seasoning mixes.
Tyck Shin Co. Ltd.
Manufactures rice-mixing seasoning, seasoned seaweed paste, instant soup-base for cooking and sushi seasoning.
Offers Malabar masala spices, seasonings, and lentils.
Isabel’s Chili
Powdered New Mexico chili blended with spices for authentic tasting recipes.
Gary’s Secret Rub
Barbeque seasoning for ribs, beef, fish, steak, chicken, pork, and vegetables.

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