Day 19

Things were going perfectly until two MASSIVELY HUGE screw-ups happened yesterday!  I ordered a Dunkin Donuts Decaf with half & half and 2 splenda – when I tasted it I thought it was very sweet but just didn’t think about it – when I finished it I noticed it had a TON of real sugar in it (undissolved).  This bummed me out but I drank a ton of water and moved on.  Then I decided I needed a caffiene boost to wake myself up (I work for the newspaper industry and need to be somewhat awake when designing layouts) so when someone offered me some diet soda I drank it thinking it was Cherry Coke Zero, ends up it was regular cherry Coke (labels are similar, see below)








So anyway, I am going through some serious sugar withdrawal and funky issues but I jumped back onto the horse without straying further!  No more buying coffee and no more soda!  Lesson learned!





Day 15

I have made it to day 15! I am feeling pretty good and a little bad because last night I skipped a meal and in a pitch grabbed a subway salad which I bet is high in carbs bit am not 100% sure, I’ll report back but this what I got (yes I know it is stinky lol) grilled chicken salad with iceberg lettuce, 4 tomato slices, cucumber, spinach leaves, jalapeño, banana peppers, pickles, black olives and some red onion with oil and vinegar (no sugar). I need to see how the chicken is prepared, bit maybe it’s ok. Only $5.50 is a pretty good deal here on NYC.

Tonight I’m making a nice steak, veggies and having a little dry red wine for the first time in a few weeks, I hope it doesn’t mess me up 🙂

I am still in ketosis and although I don’t use keto sticks I know from the way I feel and how my mouth tastes that it’s in full swing, gotta up my water!

In a pinch what do you guys eat when u need to eat and have nothing in front of you?

Day 12 of induction

Hey everyone! So I am beginning to feel the wave of energy we all know comes with induction but it came really late this time around for me, perhaps it is because I am now 38 and need to excercise more. Either way, I feel it is here and I have the horrid but welcomed ketone breath! I decided to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste at work so if it gets out of hand I can take care of it lol.
For those who don’t know what ketone breath or ketones are you should google it. It is essentially the byproduct of losing weight on the Atkins diet and comes with bad breath, stinky pee and other goodies.
Today I need coffee! No if, ands or buts about it! I am continuing adjusting to daylight savings and find it rough this time.
Off to work all! Drink your water!

Day 6 of induction and the sugar craving is gone

Tonight we made ground beef with some chopped tomato – simple and very filling.  Also had some cheesy broccoli with it.  I need to up my water, it seems I work so much that I keep forgetting to drink it – ugh.  I am going to go drink a liter of water right now!

Things are good, food is getting a little boring so I need to begin getting more creative with my cooking – ideas?

Day 2 of induction and I’m feeling great!

The key to my induction this time around is to drink a TON of water – I think this not only makes us pee a lot which is awesome to remove toxins and drop weight while in ketosis but it rehydrates your body and helps eliminate ‘stuff’ that has been sitting around. I am eating about 5 eggs a day, also chicken, spinach and lots of water.  Tonight is Steak, sauteed spinach, sauteed mushrooms and some basic salad – I love eating this way and hope it continues making me feel this great!