Frozen meats, half and half and cream – The whole deal!

With all of the amazing sales many supermarkets are having for the upcoming holiday season it is hard to resist many low carb dairy purchases but now that you are home, was it wise to grab the 10 8oz containers of Philadelphia Cream Cheese?  Or 6 quarts of Half and Half and Heavy Cream?  This was my dilemma , I wanted to store ethos stuff and use it in the future, not all at once – here is what i found out

Cream cheese

it’s a texture thing not a taste thing so if you are going to cook with it, it is ok to freeze and thaw it out.  That bar of Cream cheese should be good for up to 8 months!  Low Carb Cheese cake when the cream cheese is not on sale will be a welcomed addition to my meals 🙂

here is an excerpt I found on a very interesting website

“Cream Cheese – You can freeze it directly in the original package. It does changes the consistency once frozen however if are using it in cooking or heated then just use a spoon to smooth the texture then it is no problem. You can also microwave it to smooth as well. As it cools it will not be as creamy as if unfrozen so I find it best to use for cooking or not in its original form for best results.  I freeze it all of the time!  I use it for skyline dip or other recipes that call for cream cheese.  It can also be used for spreading but I do find it to be crumbly so you do have to use a spoon smooth and microwave it to get it back to a somewhat normal consistency. However it will work.”

Half and Half and Heavy Cream

I have done this and regretted it.  Basically, the milkfat separates and becomes ‘clumpy’.  When I added it to coffee it had ‘floaties’ on top and kind of grossed me out.  On the other hand, I have added it to recipes that asked for it (I shook the container before measuring) and it worked out fine so I suppose it’s a YMMV situation.


Meats can be frozen for a very long time and still retain good flavor and color.  the key to this is obvious, buy the freshest and seal the tightest!  I use a vacuum sealer or good freezer bags for most frozen goods.  I find that frozen veggies just don’t last very long in their packaging so I will often put them in ziplocks as well.

For most meats I will usually not let is sit there for more than 6 months and if I do i will most likely chuck it or throw it in the slow cooker and hope for something yummy.  If something looks weird, smells weird or just seems odd – THROW IT OUT

When in doubt, throw it out!

Here is a useful website for more about freezing meats and meat safety – fun for hours!

I’m off to buy some more goodies for my freezer and fridge – until next time!

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