On /r/keto: I’m looking for help explaining this to a friend

A good friend and I were discussing nutrition. We have completely different views on it: she hates meat and is convinced that veganism and juicing are the best ways to get healthy. She's been trying to convince me to juice (No f*ing way!!) I've been trying to explain that taking oht the fiber from my veggies wouldn't help me since it would leave only carbs and that would raise my blood sugar (I'm pre diabetic, I'm on keto because it stabilises my glucose levels.) She told me flat out that juicing takes the nutrients straight to your cells and doesn't raise insulin (?????) I don't think she understands glucose regulation. I've tried to explain but… I don't think she understands what carbs are, basically!

I'm looking for a few good sources that would help her understand these concepts. Videos maybe, or articles from scientific sources… I don't want to bash her way of seeing things. I don't agree with her at all but I respect her enough not to criticise her choices. I do want her to understand my position and respect it as well. I think if she had a clearer understanding that sugar and carbs are the same thing it would be easier.


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