Day 19

Things were going perfectly until two MASSIVELY HUGE screw-ups happened yesterday!  I ordered a Dunkin Donuts Decaf with half & half and 2 splenda – when I tasted it I thought it was very sweet but just didn’t think about it – when I finished it I noticed it had a TON of real sugar in it (undissolved).  This bummed me out but I drank a ton of water and moved on.  Then I decided I needed a caffiene boost to wake myself up (I work for the newspaper industry and need to be somewhat awake when designing layouts) so when someone offered me some diet soda I drank it thinking it was Cherry Coke Zero, ends up it was regular cherry Coke (labels are similar, see below)








So anyway, I am going through some serious sugar withdrawal and funky issues but I jumped back onto the horse without straying further!  No more buying coffee and no more soda!  Lesson learned!