Day 15

I have made it to day 15! I am feeling pretty good and a little bad because last night I skipped a meal and in a pitch grabbed a subway salad which I bet is high in carbs bit am not 100% sure, I’ll report back but this what I got (yes I know it is stinky lol) grilled chicken salad with iceberg lettuce, 4 tomato slices, cucumber, spinach leaves, jalapeño, banana peppers, pickles, black olives and some red onion with oil and vinegar (no sugar). I need to see how the chicken is prepared, bit maybe it’s ok. Only $5.50 is a pretty good deal here on NYC.

Tonight I’m making a nice steak, veggies and having a little dry red wine for the first time in a few weeks, I hope it doesn’t mess me up 🙂

I am still in ketosis and although I don’t use keto sticks I know from the way I feel and how my mouth tastes that it’s in full swing, gotta up my water!

In a pinch what do you guys eat when u need to eat and have nothing in front of you?